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Ceramic Finishing Stones
Ceramic stones are perfect for polishing by hand, with rotary machines, Ultrasonic, and reciprocating machines. The crystal structure of the alumina fibers gives optimum strength to resist breakage and edge chipping. Because there is very little heat generated, the surface finish can be attained and repeated from job to job. Use for polishing detailed, hard to reach areas such as ribs and slots. Because these ceramic stones resist breakage, they can be shaped to your requirements using a standard tool post grinder.

100 mm length DARK BROWN
220 GRIT
300 GRIT
400 GRIT
600 GRIT
800 GRIT
1000 GRIT
1200 GRIT
1 x 2 Ceramic Stones A-D-1002M A-L-1002M A-O-1002M A-P-1002M  A-B-1002M A-W-1002M A-R-1002M
1 x 4 Ceramic Stones A-D-1004M A-L-1004M   A-O-1004M A-P-1004M  A-B-1004M  A-W-1004M  A-R-1004M
1 x 6 Ceramic Stones A-D-1006M A-L-1006M   A-O-1006M A-P-1006M  A-B-1006M  A-W-1006M A-R-1006M
1 x 8 Ceramic Stones A-D-1008M A-L-1008M A-O-1008M A-P-1008M A-B-1008M A-W-1008M A-R-1008M
1 x 10 Ceramic Stones A-D-1010M  A-L-1010M   A-O-1010M A-P-1010M A-B-1010M A-W-1010M A-R-1010M
3 mm Ceramic Stones P-M-30M gray   P-L-30M  P-O-30M P-P-30M  P-B-30M  P-W-30M  P-R-30M
.5 x 4 Ceramic Stones A-D-0504M   A-L-0504M A-O-0504M A-P-0504M A-B-0504M  A-W-0504M A-R-0504M
.5 x 6 Ceramic Stones A-D-0506M A-L-0506M A-O-0506M A-P-0506M  A-B-0506M A-W-0506M A-R-0506M
.5 x 10 Ceramic Stones A-D-0510M A-L-0510M  A-O-0510M A-P-0510M A-B-0510M A-W-0510M A-R-0510M
.8 x 4 Ceramic Stones A-D-0804M  A-L-0804M  A-O-0804M  A-P-0804M A-B-0804M A-W-0804M A-R-0804M
.8 x 6 Ceramic Stones A-D-0806M A-L-0806M   A-O-0806M  A-P-0806M  A-B-0806M A-W-0806M A-R-0806M
.8 x 10 Ceramic Stones A-D-0810M A-L-0810M  A-O-0810M  A-P-0810M  A-B-0810M A-W-0810M A-R-0810M

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