Lamina Motor Repair Parts

Lamina Motor Repair Parts
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We offer a complete line of repair parts for the Lamina Hydraulic Motors including seal kits, gerotors, shafts, spacers and more. The motor drawing is available in a printable version to help you in determining what part you may need. As always, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.


Hydraulic Motor Component Parts
Item No. Part Number Part Description Note
1 BSS-1 Blood Slinger Shield  Optional Seal-order Separately
2 48CF Dirt Seal All Motors
3 60CFM Foot Mount FM Style Motors Only
4 52CFM Shaft Bearing FM Style Motors Only
5 62B Screw (10-32×1/2) All Motors – 5 required
6 50C Copper Washer Seal All Motors – 10 required
7 10CF Round Flange Standard Flange
7 10CF-2-BOLT Oval Flange Ordering Suffix "-2-BOLT"
7 10CF-4-BOLT Square Flange "Ordering Suffix ""-4-BOLT"""
7 10CF-T  Turned Down Flange Ordering Suffix "-T"
7 10CF-ALUM Round Flange Aluminum
7 10CF-T-ALUM Turned Down Flange Aluminum
8 46CA Screw (5/16-18 x 3/4) FM Style Motors Only
9 31C Shaft Seal-Teflon Standard Seal
9 31C-VTN Shaft Seal-Fluoroelastomer Optional Seal
10 64CF Thrust Race All Motors
11 17CF Thrust Bearing All Motors – 2 required
12 15CF Motor Shaft-Short F Style Motors Only
12 15CFM Motor Shaft-Long FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12 15CF-1 Motor Shaft-1 Flat F Style Motors Only
12 15CFM-1 Motor Shaft-1 Flat FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12  15CF-2 Motor Shaft-2 Flats F Style Motors Only
12 15CFM-2 Motor Shaft-2 Flats FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12 15CFT Motor Shaft-Tapped F Style Motors Only
12 15CFMT Motor Shaft-Tapped FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12 15CFMK Motor Shaft with Key FM & FMO Only-3/16×1-1/4 Key
13 13CA-1/4 Spline Drive A25 Motors Only
13 13C Spline Drive A37, A50, A62, A100, A125 Only
14 11CF Motor Body All Motors
15 27CA-.125 Gerotor Spacer A62 Motors Only
15  27CD-.500 Gerotor Spacer A100 Motors Only
16 14CF Gerotor Cover All Motors
17 39CF Screw (10-32×1-1/4) A25, A37, A50 & A62 – 5 required
17 39B-A Screw (10-32×1-3/4)  A100 Motors Only – 5 required
19 12C-.406 Separator Plate A25 Motors Only
19 12C-.281 Separator Plate A37 Motors Only
19 12C-.156 Separator Plate A50, A62, A100, A125 Motors Only
20  18C-1/4 Gerotor Assembly A25 Motors Only
20 18C-3/8 Gerotor Assembly A37 Motors Only
20 18C-1/2 Gerotor Assembly A50 Motors Only
20 18C-5/8 Gerotor Assembly A62 Motors Only
20 18C-1 Gerotor Assembly A100 Motors Only
Seal Kits
Seal Kit ASK-1 Seal Kit includes (1) 31C; (1) 48CF; (10) 50C & (2) 17CF
VITON-ASK-1 Seal Kit includes (1) 31C (Fluoroelastomer); (1) 48CF; (10) 50C & (2) 17CF

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