Lamina Motor Repair Parts

Lamina Motor Repair Parts
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We offer a complete line of repair parts for the Lamina Hydraulic Motors including seal kits, gerotors, shafts, spacers and more. The motor drawing is available in a printable version to help you in determining what part you may need. As always, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

Download:  Lamina Motor Repair Parts PDF

Hydraulic Motor Component Parts
Item No. Part Number Part Description Note
1 BSS-1 Blood Slinger Shield  Optional Seal-order Separately
2 48CF Dirt Seal All Motors
3 60CFM Foot Mount FM Style Motors Only
4 52CFM Shaft Bearing FM Style Motors Only
5 62B Screw (10-32×1/2) All Motors – 5 required
6 50C Copper Washer Seal All Motors – 10 required
7 10CF Round Flange Standard Flange
7 10CF-2-BOLT Oval Flange Ordering Suffix "-2-BOLT"
7 10CF-4-BOLT Square Flange "Ordering Suffix ""-4-BOLT"""
7 10CF-T  Turned Down Flange Ordering Suffix "-T"
7 10CF-ALUM Round Flange Aluminum
7 10CF-T-ALUM Turned Down Flange Aluminum
8 46CA Screw (5/16-18 x 3/4) FM Style Motors Only
9 31C Shaft Seal-Teflon Standard Seal
9 31C-VTN Shaft Seal-Fluoroelastomer Optional Seal
10 64CF Thrust Race All Motors
11 17CF Thrust Bearing All Motors – 2 required
12 15CF Motor Shaft-Short F Style Motors Only
12 15CFM Motor Shaft-Long FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12 15CF-1 Motor Shaft-1 Flat F Style Motors Only
12 15CFM-1 Motor Shaft-1 Flat FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12  15CF-2 Motor Shaft-2 Flats F Style Motors Only
12 15CFM-2 Motor Shaft-2 Flats FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12 15CFT Motor Shaft-Tapped F Style Motors Only
12 15CFMT Motor Shaft-Tapped FM & FMO Style Motors Only
12 15CFMK Motor Shaft with Key FM & FMO Only-3/16×1-1/4 Key
13 13CA-1/4 Spline Drive A25 Motors Only
13 13C Spline Drive A37, A50, A62, A100, A125 Only
14 11CF Motor Body All Motors
15 27CA-.125 Gerotor Spacer A62 Motors Only
15  27CD-.500 Gerotor Spacer A100 Motors Only
15 27CB-.745 Gerotor Spacer A125 Motors Only
16 14CF Gerotor Cover All Motors
17 39CF Screw (10-32×1-1/4) A25, A37, A50 & A62 – 5 required
17 39B-A Screw (10-32×1-3/4)  A100 Motors Only – 5 required
17 39CF-A Screw (10-32×2)  A125 Motors Only – 5 required
19 12C-.406 Separator Plate A25 Motors Only
19 12C-.281 Separator Plate A37 Motors Only
19 12C-.156 Separator Plate A50, A62, A100, A125 Motors Only
20  18C-1/4 Gerotor Assembly A25 Motors Only
20 18C-3/8 Gerotor Assembly A37 Motors Only
20 18C-1/2 Gerotor Assembly A50 Motors Only
20 18C-5/8 Gerotor Assembly A62 Motors Only
20 18C-1 Gerotor Assembly A100 Motors Only
20 18C-1-1/4 Gerotor Assembly A125 Motors Only
Seal Kits
Seal Kit ASK-1 Seal Kit includes (1) 31C; (1) 48CF; (10) 50C & (2) 17CF
VITON-ASK-1 Seal Kit includes (1) 31C (Fluoroelastomer); (1) 48CF; (10) 50C & (2) 17CF

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