Lamina Hydraulic Motors

motorcutaway copyLamina Hydraulic Motors have a main shaft that can be easily adapted by use of a chuck or collect to hold the tools for rotary machining operation, such as drilling, boring, and reaming. The unusual small size of these hydraulic motors makes them a logical choice for many applications.

Some key features of the Lamina Hydraulic Motors:

  • Design engineers find the smooth rotation and long life of these unusual motors an important feature.
  • Lamina motors have only three moving parts (motor shaft, spline drive, and gerotor star) – this greatly extends the service life.
  • The rotor gear of these low-weight motors rolls through four complete “Cycles” for each revolution of the output shaft. Thus, four times greater torque at one-fourth of the conventional speed is obtained without the use of gear reducers. In other words, with Lamina Motors the same amount of torque is assured as you would get from a much larger ordinary motor that is considerably more expensive.
  • The hydraulic motors have five fluid chambers, the inherit four-to-one ratio provides twenty fluid power cycles for each revolution of the output shaft.

Recommended Oil: 150 SSU at 10 °F

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