D/K Technologies Turret Oils and Grease

Oil & Grease Turret Tapping Units The industrial grade Prolong Grease and ultra Prolong Oil provides excellent load carrying capability to high-speed applications. This results in extended life to the integral components of the Turret Tapping Tool as well as the Pitch Insert.

PT Vanishing Oil
The preferred oil when evaporation is a must. This oil completely
evaporates 30-45 minutes after application in humidity under 40%.   Allow longer for higher humidity levels.

  • Material Candidates:
    Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Pre-plated, and Cold Roll 16 Gauge and Thinner.

Oil & Grease Turret Tapping UnitsPT Extreme Oil
Recommended for all punching applications.  Maximum tap life will be achieved in any material but especially stainless, hot roll, or 14 gauge and thicker.

D/K Industrial Sprayer
Can be used with either oil for proper lubrication.  Sprayer is a refillable chrome plated brass sprayer with an adjustable nozzle, which can be charged using your shop’s air system.

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