NCT3 Amada Turret Tapping Tool


Tapping tool fits any machine that utilizes the Amada thick style tooling machines. Tap standard holes from 0-80 to 12-24 or metric holes from M2.5 to M5.

Amada Turret Tapping Tool includes one (1) pitch insert and lubricant kit.

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Please note the NC3T Amanda Turret Tapping Tool has been replaced by the TT2″ Amanda.

Tapping Tool Advantages

  • Never miss another hole! Program the TT2, formally known as the NCT3, to tap every hole you just pre-punched.
  • Reduce your cost per hole to below $.01 each
  • Tap up to 180 holes a minute. (Depending on ram speed)
  • Easily change Pitch Insert in a matter of minutes
  • Roll Form Taps
  • No minimum distance between tapped holes

Pitch Sizes Available

Standard Pitch* Metric Pitch*
56 .40M
48 .45M
40 .50M
36 .60M
32 .70M
28 .80M

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs