Drill B10065P


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Drilling or tapping cannot begin until the magnet is turned on. Automatic power feed heads can be used both in manual and power feed operations.

Automatic power-feed heads have limit switches that prevent operation of drill head if magnetic base becomes dislodged.

Drill heads can be fixtured for special applications. Fixturing can allow this unit to step drill larger diameters.

Safety devices should be used when drilling horizontally or overhead.

*Please Note:  Due to the size and weight of Drill Heads, you will be contacted regarding shipping costs

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Option Detail
Drill Capacity 1”
Tap Capacity 1”–8
Motor Horsepower 6.64
Maximum Torque 1000 in. lbs.
Variable R.P.M. Up to 420
Feed Method Power .005 per rev.
Optional Power Feed .0025 per rev.
Tool Shank #3 Morse
Magnet Capacity 2300 lbs.
Magnet Size 6-1/2”
Weight 54 lbs (Shipping Weight 75 lbs.)
Crate Dimensions Height 12” | Width 11” | Length 22-1/2”

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Weight 75 lbs