Drill Head B10065H


Serial Number Prefix B
Drilling or tapping cannot begin until the magnet is turned on.

Drill heads can be fixtured for special applications.  Fixturing can allow this unit to step drill larger diameters.

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Detail Description
Drill Capacity 1”
Tap Capacity 1”–8
Motor Horsepower 6.64
Maximum Torque 1000 in. lbs.
Variable R.P.M. Up to 420
Feed Method Hand
Tool Shank #3 Morse
Magnet Capacity 2300 lbs
Magnet Size 6-1/2”
Weight 44 lbs. (Shipping Weight 68 lbs.)
Crate Dimensions Height 12” x Width 11” x Length 22-1/2”

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Weight 68 lbs